Personal Chef Services

Looking for a personal chef to help you out with cooking, especially if you have special dietary needs? Look no further. Chef MHAT is offering personal chef services for weekly and bi-weekly clients. Get custom-designed delicious meals delivered right to your door, tailored to your family's dietary preferences.


Culinary Demos & Cooking Classes

If you need a culinary demonstration for your event, tradeshow, or food and wine festival, Chef MHAT is the seasoned professional you're looking for. With engaging cooking demonstrations that highlight the usage of luxury appliances, grills, smokers, and specialty food products, Chef MHAT will create a professional, polished, and personable demonstration to highlight your products and speak to your key sales objectives.


Cooking Classes for small groups are available for in-home and private events. Whether you want to learn how to make the perfect gnocchi or a classical French pastry, just let Chef MHAT know, and she'll design a class for your group to have some hands-on fun in the kitchen!